Our Pastor and Staff

  • John arrived to serve Salem just a couple of weeks after the Flood of 2008. Before that he served churches in Hudson and Des Moines. 2014 marked his twentieth year in ministry.

    He enjoys reading, writing, watching movies and TV shows on Netflix, telling stories, playing the drums and piano, savoring delicious food, and playing softball.

    He blogs at johlouk.blogspot.com and wrote an article, Baby Steps in Birthing a Postmodern Church, in the September-October 2003 issue of Net Results. Part 2 of the article was published the next year in the September-October 2004 issue.

    Most importantly, he loves his wife, Joy, and their three daughters, Kaitlyn, Ann, and Mara and truly enjoys hanging out with them, experiencing new things as a family, and going on vacations together.

  • Melinda Gipple - Administrative Assistant     circleemail

  • Julie LefebureDirector of Communication     circleemail circletwitterbird   circlewordpress

  • Deb BlackDirector of Care Ministries     circleemail

  • Linda Curson - Director of Finance     circleemail

  • Julia Titus - Organist     circleemail

  • Salia Henderson - Director  of Nursery Care   circleemail

  • Amy Schilling - Leadership Board Chair     circleemail